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When I'm not drawing houses you can find me in a field somewhere. I have always loved festivals and feel very lucky that I have been able to use my artistic skills at some amazing events over recent years. Here are some of my paintings and installations, including a few bins created for Glastonbury Festival where I work for two months each year painting all sorts of weird things on the bins (including some architectural ones of course!). One of my bins was included in the Glastonbury Land and Legend exhibition at the V&A Museum!


There's also a mammoth manor house stage at Lovebox Festival 2014 that I designed and painted for Bearded Kitten, some scenic painting and a hanging book installation at Boomtown Fair. I thoroughly enjoy throwing a bit of paint around in the name of fun so tend to keep this type of work for festivals, but I am always open to a new project! Whether you're looking for an artist for an event or if you have something in mind for your business or garden please get in touch.

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